The Fluoron GmbH

25 years innovation made in Germany

Fluoron GmbH, based in Ulm, Germany, was founded in 1996 by Prof. Dr. Hasso Meinert and is an affiliate of the Geuder AG, Heidelberg. With his intellectual property rights, Prof. Meinert laid the foundation for the successful development of the company and accompanied Fluoron GmbH over 10 years on scientific issues. The company is managed by Mr Volker Geuder.

Fluoron GmbH develops and manufactures ultrapure innovative biomaterials for retinal and cataract surgery. In this field, Fluoron GmbH plays a worldwide leading role in providing ophthalmic surgeons with creative and efficient solutions and consolidated its international competitive position by acquiring extensive intellectual property rights. The company’s competence focuses on the development, manufacture and marketing authorisation of light and heavy tamponades for retinal surgery, perfluorohydrocarbons and semifluorinated alkanes as temporary tamponades, as well as dyes for anterior and posterior segment surgery.