F6H8® – Vitreous Substitute

The new dimension in vitreal and retinal surgery


Vial G-80606 F6H8®, 6 ml, sterile
Vial G-80609 F6H8®, 9 ml, sterile

  • Acts as a temporary endotamponade in cases of complicated retinal detachments, especially in the inferior fundus
  • Provides a “third hand” when relocating the macula
  • Retinal reattachment with low contact pressure
  • Rinses IOLs following silicone oil tamponades

Highly pure F6H8® Vitreous Substitute enables new dimensions in vitreal and retinal surgery:

F6H8® Vitreous Substitute is used as an endotamponade in complicated retinal detachments and as an intraoperative instrument for retinal surgery. It offers enormous advantages due to its significantly lower density compared to conventional perfluorocarbon liquids, particularly for retinal translocation. It is also an excellent biocompatible solvent for the removal of silicone oil traces from the vitreous chamber as well as being suitable for cleaning intraocular lenses after a silicone oil tamponade.