Perfluorodecalin for intraocular use


Vial G-80105 F-Decalin, 5 ml, sterile
Vial G-80107 F-Decalin, 7 ml, sterile
Syringe G-80115 F-Decalin, 5 ml, sterile
Syringe G-80117 F-Decalin, 7 ml, sterile

  • Medical aid, e.g., for unfolding detached retinas, giant tears or trauma
  • Ultrapure
  • Density 1.93 g/cm3

Ultrapure liquid perfluorocarbon

F-Octane is a sterile fluorocarbon compound of high density (1.76 g/cm3).
“Ultrapure” here signifies a product that contains no relevant quantities of biologically active compounds. Due to the exceptional stability of the C-F bonds, F-Octane is chemically and physiologically inert and absolutely non-toxic.


As a medical agent for:

  • Unfolding detached retinas
  • Giant tears
  • Trauma
  • Laser coagulation and cryotherapy
  • Refloating luxated lenses
  • Short-term tamponade

Comparison of ultrapure perfluorocarbons

F-Octane F-Decalin
Density [g/cm³] 1.76 1.93
Vapor Pressure [mbar] 25° C 18.5 8.0
Refractive Index at 20° C 1.2770 1.3110
Surface Tension [mN/m] 25° C 14.0 19.0
Interface Tension [mN/m] 25° C 55.0 57.8